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    • The loot system has always been an issue due to its custom rarity rate. Β  I see what i can do,Β  we just like modified loot, but the rarity rates are strange. We might need to dive deep to check how we can do this better, but we are always open for changes.
    • The Chinook crates that are on cargo ship give close to nothing compared to vanilla. Broken guns, half the items, much worse items, and the L96 on it’s rare drop doesn’t even have an 8x scope. I understand that the vanilla crates may feel op, for vanilla. But in my opinion, the vanilla crates are perfectly fine for a 2x. So, what I’m asking is can we please revert the chinook loot change back to vanilla standards?
    • The Toolboxes and the Elite crates will be rebalanced.
    • And elite crates is unbalanced af u cant get any good thing from them, we are looting lunchsite 24/7 and we never got some good loot from them.
    • Hi! So, me and my friends play a lot on vanilla+ server, and through this time we have some suggestions. Β  For the first our loved toolboxes. They are too op. You can find explosive ammo in like 15 minutes safe travelling on the sea. And there are too much chance for garage doors. You can got them in almost every toolboxs, so new bases is so hard to raid beacuse they just have everything in garage doors. Our idea is just to nerf them. For the first remove chance for explosive ammo in them, and garage doors. Tbh high eternal wall in this boxes is so op too. Maybe u cant get gate, but still. Β  Second thing, door camping. Its just too anyoing I think you should make some rule that 15minutes ofΒ door camping is banned, beacuse we were beeing doorcamped for like 3 hours and couldnt do shit vs guys with ak. Β  Third thing your idea with new server instead of 3 man squad, we suggest to make 5 team server.